If Movie Sequels Were Awesome: Oscars Special – Velma (2015)


Velma (2015)

The inspirational story of young Velma Dinkley, the world’s greatest detective, lumbered with a team of incompetent stoners. Velma fights for the credit she deserves for solving multiple crimes despite being described as a ‘pesky kid’ by various criminals.

Smile as she helps Shaggy go to rehab, laugh as she steals Fred from that bitch Daphne, and cry as she euthanises an old, infirm, Scooby who has lived to a ridiculous age for a dog.

Velma has it all!


“A solid picture but the casting of a sexy Velma makes me uneasy” – The Daily Cringe

“Like Sherlock but with huge orange jumpers. Recommended”  – Screenshitter

“The scene where Velma breaks Scooby’s neck will haunt me forever. A life-changing movie” – The Financial Times


Who want’s to watch Velma?! Are there any other movies that need great sequels? Let me know in the comments below.


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