Coming Soon: Screenkicker’s Geek Brigade invades Edinburgh Comic-Con

The newly formed Screenkicker Geek Brigade™ is preparing for 2015’s various comic-cons. Here’s Screenkicker Head of Video Chris Bridges with a little appetizer to get you in a geeky mood:

Edinburgh Comic Con

April is a month crammed full of very important dates. April Fools day, end of the UK Tax Year, Buddah’s birthday and even St George’s Day (which is also the title of a Craig Fairbrass starring masterpiece).  But none of these dates are nearly as important as the 11th and 12th – the weekend of the EDINBURGH COMIC CON!

Last year the 3 Screenkicker musketeers headed there and had a jolly good time. We drank beer, chin-wagged with Red Leader from Star Wars and we even managed to insult super hot actress Nathalie Cox.

Check out our antics in the video below:

Our tickets for this year’s con have just arrived in the post. A big thank you to all the Edinburgh Comic Con organisers.


It’s a great day out, but don’t take our word for it – head along yourself. Check out for tickets and details.

Hopefully we’ll see you there!


      • Sounds great man. I noticed a few posts had gone up since I’ve been away from the site so I am trying to catch up. Good to hear from you too man. I’ll be checking back more often hopefully!! Cheers


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