St Patricks Day Classic – Top 5 actors from Northern Ireland

Hey littlekickers, yesterday was St Paddy’s Day so as a treat to you guys I’m recycling old material of mine. This post focuses on my home country Northern Ireland – the place where Patrick is buried. Here are my favourite actors from Ulster.


image What a nice peaceful little country….oh wait! 😦

Most of you know I’m Northern Irish. I either told you or you guessed from my sexy accent and propensity for sudden acts of violence. So I thought I would introduce you to a few of my countrymen. Bear in mind Northern Ireland is a country with a population of 1.5 million people so there isn’t an abundance of famous actors. But the ones we did produce are some supercool sons of bitches! I’ve also provided a guide to common Northern Irish phrases with translations in the captions. Let’s begin.

5. Stephen Rea

image “I’m coming to your home to murder you”

Not the highest profile actor in the world but !a good character actor who’s been in some great films over the years. How could you forget his oscar nominated role in The Crying Game where he falls in love with a…

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  1. I LOVE Stephen Rea! I was just watching The Honourable Woman on Netflix, it’s a BBC miniseries, and he’s such a hoot to watch. There’s a deadpan calmness about him that I find hilarious!


  2. Hey I remember this list! It’s as lovely a list now as it was then. 🙂 I apparently have a lot to catch up on here! Prepare for a notification storm…


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