Brutal Prison Drama We Are Monster available now on VOD


Last summer I had the privilege of covering the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the longest running continuous film fest in the world. I must have seen about a hundred movies but one that stood out was Antony Petrou’s We Are Monster, a brutal examination of a preventable tragedy where a young Muslim man was murdered by his racist cellmate in Feltham young offenders institute.

Well I’m pleased to say that now everyone can see the movie as it’s been released on video on demand on Amazon . It’s well worth a watch if you can stand the extreme tension of the inevitable murder. You can find my review here where I said ‘With an inspired central performance from Alexander and and a unique directing style from Antony Petrou, We Are Monster will stay with you long after the credits roll’. And if you would like a sneak peek at the movie-making process here’s my interview with director Antony Petrou and lead actor Leeshon Alexander:

We Are Monster is available to buy on Amazon, and the excellent VOD site We Are Colony.


  1. Very interested in this since my best friend teaches at Feltham Community College which is next door to Feltham Young Offenders where quite a few students end up 😦


  2. This sounds like a tough watch, but very intriguing nonetheless.

    Btw, were you at the 2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival Mikey? My crush was there promoting his movie Not Another Happy Ending w/ Karen Gillan, oh what I would give to be able to meet him one day!!


      • Darn it!! So were you at a NAHE premiere then as Gillan was the star?? Man to be so close to Stanley… I’m so crazy about him! 😁 I hope one day he’ll attend one of the Minneapolis film fests!


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