EIFF 2015 – Screenkicker Meets… Actress Camille Coduri

There’s Camille on the far right

The Edinburgh Film Festival is now over for another year. But you wouldn’t know it if you’re a Screenkicker regular. My super slow two fingered typing style means that you get more festival for your money! Look out for lots more coverage in the near future as I attempt to remember what I saw and whether I liked it or not. You’d be a fool to miss it!

Today I’ve got the latest EIFF 2015 interview for you. I sat down to speak to actress Camille Coduri who appears in new Scottish rom-com Scottish Mussel. Younger readers will know Camille from her role as Rose Tyler’s mum in Doctor Who. Older folks will know her as King Ralph’s girlfriend! As always I have my finger on the pulse of what’s cool right now so guess which appearance I wanted to talk about most? Correct, it’s the largely forgotten 80s comedy. Enjoy.

Me: How did a Londoner like you get involved in a film set in rural Scotland?

Camille Coduri: I got a phone call from Noel Clarke (producer).

Me: Is it just me or is he involved in every British film made right now?! He’s either acting, directing or producing them.

CC: Ha-ha he does a lot. He’s a big grafter, a big worker.

Me: Could you predict any of this when he was in Doctor Who with you?

CC: Definitely. During Doctor Who he wrote Adulthood on the train from Cardiff up to London so I always knew he was extra special. I love him dearly. So anyway he called and they had decided they wanted someone English and not Scottish which was nice.

Me: Were you tempted to try the Scottish accent?

CC: Yeah definitely but I needed more time.

Me: There’s quite a lot of well known faces in Scottish Mussel, how did that come about?

CC: I think it was mainly due to Talulah (Riley) who directed, wrote, and starred in it.


Me: What was she like to work for?

CC: She’s very disciplined. She gives great notes as a director. It was a very happy shoot. I always think it comes from the top so I have nothing but respect for her and she commands that when you first meet her.

Me: The film is unashamedly feel-good and not cynical like a lot of festival films can be.

CC: Yeah, its nice to have a feel-good film in there. And it’s nice for Scotland. Did you know about the mussels before? They’re worth more than diamonds! Who knew?!

Me: Did you know that pig semen is worth more than gold in weight?

CC: No, in which country?

Me: We sell it to China because our pigs are so good.

CC: Stud pigs!!!

Me: Yes! Pigs trotters are a delicacy there so they need lots of pigs.

CC: I love pigs trotters!

Time to play ‘Spot Harry Enfield’!

Me: So Camille, are you a cockney? I never know what qualifies a person to be one.

CC: No not at all. I was born in Wandsworth. I was born a spit away from the prison, you could see it from my bedroom window.

Me: I let people know on twitter that I would be talking to you. There were a lot of Doctor Who fans but what caught my attention was someone saying ‘can you ask her about King Ralph?’

CC: Aww I loved doing that film. It’s a long time ago now, twenty five years.

Me: It’s a cult classic now.

CC: Yeah it is a bit. Young boys seem to pass it round. I had a lot fun doing it. It was a long shoot because there was an unlimited budget so it was quite a few months. Then six months later we reshot the ending because American test audiences wanted to see us married and him having some sort of earl or dukedom thing.

Me: How were your co-stars?

CC: We spent many happy hours in Peter O’Tooles dressing room because this particular director wanted it to be right so he would spend hours and hours on one setup. So we would go play poker and chill out.

Me: What was it like shooting Scottish Mussel in Scotland?

CC: Amazing, its a beautiful country. The first time I came to Scotland I went up to Malaig? And I couldn’t believe the silence, it was deafening.


Me: When are you going to see the film?

CC: Not sure, there’s a screening tonight and then a photo call after.

Me: Do you like that kind of thing?

CC: No its nervewracking because you’re out in the spotlight and just want people to like you and not everyone likes you and you just have to deal with that.

Me: At least if anyone says anything you can say ‘well I fought the Daleks, what have you done?’

CC: *Laughs* ahhh the ‘Who-eys’! They’re really fantastic. It’s their religion and you become an icon so if you go to the conventions its so nice to be adored. The knowledge that they have from way back is so amazing.

Me: Were you a fan before you did it?

CC: I liked the John Pertwee years.

Me: Well I hope the Scottish Mussel screening goes well. It’s refreshing to see something that’s honest and feel-good.

CC: I hope lots of people go see it because I haven’t read anything like it in a long time. There’s nothing like goodies and baddies and a love story. It’s full of hope.

Thanks Camille!

Scottish Mussel will be out in cinemas later this year


  1. I was going to say “I hope you didn’t ask her Cara’s question” but I don’t know if asking her about pig semen is much better!!! Lmao! You crack me up, Mike. You two seem to have great chemistry! Did you ask her out?


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