Screenkicker Podcast 4 – Irish Special, Starred Up Review

As it’s St Patrick’s day and I haven’t written anything for it I thought you guys might like a blast from the past. Here’s another chance for you to listen to the Screenkicker Podcast – Irish Special! Let me know if you’d like us to make more and if there’s enough interest I’ll get the band back together. Happy St Paddy’s day!


Top o’ da marnin and various other greetings that no actual Irish person has ever uttered. It’s time for the Screenkicker Podcast – Ireland Special! Me and the the team tackle Irish movies and actors to discuss the accuracy and quality of these depictions of the emerald isle. And there’s so much more:


Screen Klub – the gang all watch a new film and dissect it for your entertainment. This month we look at Starred Up – a gritty British prison drama from director David MacKenzie.

Mastermind Quiz – it’s my turn in the hot seat where I get grilled on the Dark Knight Trilogy.


Movieholics Anonymous – Denis confesses to never having seen the best Western of all time. Find out what it is.

Listener Feedback – we answer your questions no matter how ridiculous and disturbing they are and then report you to the appropriate authorities.

And much…

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