5 greatest movies about Jesus (that Jesus isn’t in)

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you’re having a fun day of killing rabbits and feasting on their chocolatey ovaries. At least I think that’s what happens, it’s been a while. To remind you of the real reason for Easter here’s another look at the top movies about Jesus that the big man isn’t in. Enjoy!


Ever get the impression that there aren’t any original stories in films these days? Well you have a point but it’s not always been that different. For example the story of Jesus has been used multiple times for movies, even ones that he isn’t in. Those of you who have listened to the Screenkicker podcast may now doubt the existence of God but that theological quandary isn’t going to be discussed here. So since it’s the big man’s birthday next week I thought we’d have a look at the top five Jesus movies that Jesus isn’t in!

The Matrix Trilogy

image ‘Jesus-punch!’

The bible talked a lot about how Christ was a charismatic teacher who often kept audiences rapt for days on end. So it might seem a stretch to compare him to a character played by Keanu Reeves. However look a little closer and it all makes sense. Neo is…

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  1. The Matrix was a seminal film for me. It is a perfect film and I never tire of watching it. While the other two pale in comparison, I still find them entertaining. I love the religious imagery in it and am glad you pointed it out. What a way to start a new century!


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