Screenkicker Meets… Game of Thrones’ Kerry Ingram and Assassin’s Creed’s Cas Anvar

It wasn’t just cosplayers that the Screenkicker gang bumped into at Edinburgh Comic-con. We also got the chance to chat to some well known faces and voices.

Firstly I had the pleasure to meet Kerry Ingram otherwise known as Shireen Baratheon from Games of Thrones. Shireen was the centre of one of the most shocking scenes ever shown on TV and one that even touched the empty chamber in my chest where a heart should be.

Kerry is also responsible for this classic tweet she sent from a barbecue:


Here’s my interview with Kerry, I made sure to leave all flammable objects at home:


Next we had the chance to speak to experienced character actor Cas Anvar. Cas is known for his role as Altair in the first Assassin’s Creed but he’s also had parts in the likes of Room, Archer, Argo, and Source Code alongside many more. Basically any time your film needs a handsome doctor or crusades era silent killer, he’s your man. Cas stars in the critically acclaimed SyFy channel show The Expanse which he talked to us about.

This is the trailer for The Expanse ( I really want to see the show now):

And here’s Cas meeting me!

Thanks again to Kerry and Cas for giving up their time to try and interpret my impenetrable accent.

What was your favourite death in Game of Thrones? What’s your favourite Assassins Creed game. And what is your favourite food to cook on a barbeque? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Oh wow… So handsome! πŸ˜€ (not you. the other guy). That scene in Game of Thrones pissed me off so much!!!! Poor girl. 😞 Favorite GoT death was most definitely Joffrey. Nice job, dude! : )

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  2. I barely got started on Game of Thrones and I have seen people play Assassins Creed, but don’t know much of it myself. So my fave food for the BBQ is churrasco! lol
    Very fun to have done interviews with some actors:)

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