Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – an underrated classic?

Hey it’s May the 4th otherwise known as Star Wars day! Instead of focusing on the exciting future of the franchise I’m going to attempt to force my unpopular opinion on you all! Let me know if you agree with my revisionist history of Jar Jar Binks.


I’ll answer this question quickly, underrated – yes, classic – no.

May 4th (as in May the fourth be with you) was dubbed Star Wars day by someone so I’m going to stick my neck out and ask you all to reevaluate the Phantom Menace. It’s had a total kicking by Star Wars fans over the years and I think it’s time they shut up! It’s a good film, yeah I said it, and if there had been a few small changes it could have been a great one.


I hear people say that Episodes 2 and 3 were crap but a lot better than 1. Well you’re wrong. The Phantom Menace is the 4th best film in the Star Wars saga. I’m going to weigh up the good and the bad of it in an easy to read format and by the time you finish reading you will agree…

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