EIFF 2016 – The ReZort (2016) – Safari, So Good

Hey look it’s a new zombie movie! Some of you may be groaning right now, ironically a lot like the way a zombie does (is this ironic, I’m still not entirely sure how to spot irony). However The ReZort is fun new twist on the usual undead apocalypse with some neat ideas between all of the carnage. The story couldn’t be simpler – a group of strangers head to a mysterious island to visit a park full of unbelievable creatures behind fences. When human interference causes the creatures to escape the visitors have to survive and escape.

This is the same as my face when I went to the Causeway Safari Park as a kid.

“Wait a minute!” is what you might be thinking, “that sounds like another hugely successful movie directed by one of the world’s greatest directors”. Well yeah, it’s basically Jurassic Park with zombies which is an idea that I can’t believe hasn’t been thought of before. In this universe the zombie apocalypse is over and we won meaning we got to set up a park for rich people to go shoot these rotten bastards.

These situations are always awkward. Do you pass with the crotch or the ass?

The ReZort starts off well. Director Steve Barker (Outpost) knows how to create a sense of anticipation as we see the park visitors meeting and sharing their stories of why they want to shoot walking corpses in the heads. It’s here that the film gets really interesting. Lead character Melanie (Jessica De Gouw of Arrow fame) has lost her family to zombies (in fairness that makes a great story to tell people) and is advised to go to zombie island to confront her fears and hopefully get some closure. Which is a terrible way to deal with PTSD but Melanie thinks it’s worth a try. The other hunters in the group each have their own reasons for being there and it’s fun figuring out their motivations.

To be honest this is how I view pretty much all children.

After all the partying, sob-stories, and bonding we they head out to start their very strange safari. Predictably the security system breaks down and the dinosau… sorry, zombies escape and begin to munch on the guests. The group have to survive long enough to get off the island giving it a feel of The Warriors with our motley crew stuck in the middle of enemy territory. Once the shooting starts you get to see how well Barker has created an action flick with only a small budget. There are loads of zombies, the effects are good, and the shots are good.

HAVE IT!!!!!!!!

The ReZort is an enjoyable genre pic that provides an hour and a half of undead fun. The enjoyment dips towards the end as Barker’s ambition isn’t matched by the effects but overall it’s a silly, raucous, action film with a likable cast and some sweet kills. It’s also the only movie you’ll see all year that has a character who is an ‘undead rights activist’. If that’s a concept that you think is great (I do) then you’ll have a great time at The ReZort. Remember to tip shambling corpsemaids.


Look out for the UK release of The Rezort this year and also my interview with director Steve Barker.

What’s your favourite zombie film?  What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever went on? And what’s that behind you?!!! Aaaarrghhh!!!!

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  1. This sounds a little too much like Jurassic Park. Between that and my zombie fatigue, I think I will be skipping this one. I did enjoy reading your review though. As for my favourite zombie movie, I’m going to cheat and name The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead.


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