Edinburgh Comic-con 2016 – Meet the Cosplayers!

It’s that time of the year again, when a venue in Edinburgh becomes the place to be for dressing up as Darth Maul, Starlord, or Ken Barlow from Coronation Street (just me?). Among all of the amazing costumes and fascinating comics, the drabbly attired Screenkicker gang cruised under the radar to capture the atmosphere of a convention that gets bigger every year. Today I’d like to focus on the cosplay element of the convention, and there were some crackers. We had a chat to some of our favourites about movies, comics, clothes, and lots of other topics.

First up we met Megan who had by far the best Black Widow costume I’ve seen (sorry Scar Jo!)

Next, in grand comic convention style there’s John dressed as a Doctor Who baddie that was only in one episode, earning him all of the geek kudos.

Finally there’s the lovely Vanessa as everyone’s favourite weather controlling, ex thief, X-Man – Storm!

Look out for more videos in the coming days including a chat with a Game of Thrones actress (clue: she’s very fiery) and a popular videogame assassin. See you then little kickers!

Remember to subscribe to Screenkicker Live on YouTube for loads of videos and the chance to watch me getting fatter and fatter each time!


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